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First Ripe Tomato 2012

This was from a Rutgers tomato plant that I grew with seeds from “Mike the Gardener”.  I joined his seeds of the month club last Thanksgiving at such a reduced price that I could not refuse the 3 year membership.  I will receive an envelope in the mail every month (don’t you just LOVE when a package comes in the mail?) until November 2014, and each one will have 4 new packets of seeds.

This was not one of my 4 main tomato plants that I am growing…it’s just an extra stuck into the herb bed.

Late June 2012 Garden Overview

Not much has changed.  If you look closely you’ll see that the cucumbers are just starting to grow, the squashes and melons are sprawling across the lawn, the cabbages and carrots are ready to be picked and processed, the garlic is gone, and the sweet potatoes are leafing out nicely.  The strawberries are alive and sending out runners, and I still need to get out there and plant a bunch of fall green beans for my wife.

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