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Trying Brussels Sprouts


I’m going to try 4 brussels sprouts plants this year for the first time.  I have had great luck with cabbage, and bad luck with broccoli.  These seem to be somewhere in between the two, but leaning more towards cabbage.  Wish me luck.

Harvested some broccoli – 2010

We had one broccoli ready to eat tonight.  I have never grown broccoli anywhere approaching the size of what you get in a bunch at the store.  My best was probably 6 or 8 times smaller than that.  This one was a single stem 2 to 3 inches wide at the top.  Slightly more than a mouthful.

It was one of the best things I have tasted all year, and 5 of us shared it–raw and unwashed–delicious! 🙂

Great Green Garden Gab

Baby Broccoli Bed

Optimistic Onions

Cheerful Cabbage

Proud Purple Primero

Strawberries Stretching Sunward

Barraged with Baby Broccoli!

Cherry Changing

Cardinal in the Creek

Cluttered Corner

Lovely Layout

First week of April Garden Overview – 2010

My average last frost date of the year is April 14th. That means there is still a 50/50 chance that I could get another frost on that date. A week later is my 10% chance date.

This year has been different. We haven’t had a frost for about two weeks now, since late March. The coldest night in next week’s forecast is Thursday morning, which is now slated to dip down to 36 degrees. Everything I have out in the garden can take a little touch of frost.

I have out broccoli, lettuce, strawberries, onions, sugar snap peas and carrots.

Every other plant will wait in the little greenhouse until after April 14th and any forecast of frost…just a little insurance.

Hardening off the broccoli

Blurry camera phone picture:

Here are 63 broccoli young’ins, inside the plastic greenhouse shelf thing that R. gave me for Christmas in late 2008. Unfortunately the cloth used in the zipper has badly deteriorated after only six months outside last summer, so this will probably be the last year I can use this as a greenhouse. I spent an hour or so last night potting up another 36 seedlings.

The whole unit is resting in the shade of my back porch awning while the plants get used to the daily temperature swings outdoors for a little while. When I do finally move them to the sun I need to make sure they don’t get TOO hot by checking on them at noon every day. A bright sunny day could have temperatures inside the plastic building up to 100+, followed by nightly lows in the high 20s (F). The plants probably wouldn’t appreciate such extremes.

Tonight’s low is forecast to be 24 degrees, so I’ll put a few gallon jugs of warm/hot water in there with the plants and zip them up tight.  I might even give them a blanket for the night.

Potting up broccoli seedlings

As the broccoli grew true leaves and was a few inches tall, they needed more root space. Each one will get transplanted once into a 4 inch pot. They take up a lot more room after I transplant them…imagine that.

Transplanted Broccoli Seedlings in 4 Inch Cups

These can get planted outside in as little as 2 or 3 weeks here in Illinois.  Within 2 weeks I will definitely get them hardening off in a little greenhouse.

Thompson Broccoli seedlings

Here are half of my broccoli seedlings.  I am growing Thompson seeds this year.  I must admit that I feel a bit nervous planting all one variety, but that’s what I did.  We’ll see if I will learn this lesson the hard way.  Monoculture?  I’m so bad.

The 72 plants I started will be planted pretty close together.  Not quite one per square foot, but about 14 inches square for each one.  I harvest one head from each broccoli, and then pull them out to put green beans in the same space on about June 15.

Each of these will be potted up once into a 4 inch pot , hardened off to grow outdoors a bit (I don’t have enough room or light inside…I save my space for my tomatoes) and then of course planted out in the garden!

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