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Late June 2012 Garden Overview

Not much has changed.  If you look closely you’ll see that the cucumbers are just starting to grow, the squashes and melons are sprawling across the lawn, the cabbages and carrots are ready to be picked and processed, the garlic is gone, and the sweet potatoes are leafing out nicely.  The strawberries are alive and sending out runners, and I still need to get out there and plant a bunch of fall green beans for my wife.

Cucumbers started late in 2012

An experiment that ended up happening this year was to start cucumbers from seed outdoors in late May instead of early May. When I read what I just wrote it just sounds like no big deal…a couple weeks difference…”so what?”, right?

Well, it has me nervous because by this date I usually have fruit set and instead I have baby plants that haven’t even reached the trellis yet.

I’m also trying a row of bush-type cucumbers. Supposedly these set a good amount of fruit without getting over 2 feet in vine length.

First Week of June Tomato Update


The tomatoes are growing fast and will have to be tied up soon.  There are many flowers on them–this plant has about 40 or 50 right now–and as those green fruit grow larger their weight will make the plant top-heavy.  I let my craft son S. have all my extra garden twine, so I’ll have to go out and buy some more.

Trellis full of peas

The peas have grown tall and started producing pods. There should be enough sugar snap and snow peas to have a stir fry and also freeze some for later.

Jimmy Watering the Garden

Almost everything has been planted now.  I just have green beans and cucumbers left to direct-seed.  Also, I’m trying a little chin beard, but I’m undecided on it.  I think I’m going to let it get a bit longer and see how it looks then.

Pea tendrils holding onto the trellis

My peas have gradually found the trellises and begun climbing them.  I was expecting to pick peas on May 15th, so we’ll see if that dream comes true.

Sugar Snap Peas on trellis

Sugar snap pea tendrils holding the trellis

I really wish I knew how peas can do this

A garden 5 years in the making

Main Garden


2008 - 6 beds, built 6 x 8 feet. I wish they had been 4x8.


2009 - Two more beds added, lower beds raised higher


2010 - Two more beds added on the side. Still fighting the 6 foot width on the first beds.


2011 - 6 foot beds "fixed" by raising the middle two feet higher. Added permanent trellises.


2012 - Some of the oldest wood is rotten now and will be replaced next year.

Herb Garden

In 2010 I built a long skinny bed for a space next to the back door.

We have since filled it with many herbs, some of which live through each winter.

Fruit Trees and Bushes

Two Northstar Dwarf Cherry trees were planted in 2009

In 2010 I added a Grape...



...and a mid-sized yellow Apple tree.


This Spring, in 2012, I have added these four planting boxes to the back yard.

It really is a labor of love, and not some passing hobby.

Why do you garden? What do you grow?

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