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Venison in the Freezer

One thing I have been up to is deer hunting. I tried last year and didn’t see anything. I had much better success this year and now have over 90 pounds of meat.

Cooking for Company

We grilled with a bigger cast iron skillet when company came over recently.  There were 3 extra here, so we threw another potato in the pot and nobody left hungry.

My son H. told me that as I was putting the brats on it looked like I was building a company logo in Photoshop.  I can see it.  Brats-R-Us, maybe?

Cast Iron Grilling and Brats

It would appear that this cast iron pan and these bratwurst were made for each other.  Just look how nicely they fit onto the grill. 🙂

When grilling outdoors, whether charcoal, gas or an open camp fire, cast iron pans always work. Don’t try this with your teflon coated pans or your stainless steel with built-in rubber grips on the handles!

Cast iron breakfast

Last weekend I had some ham to use up.  I decided to make a frittata-like baked dish for breakfast.  Under the ingredients you can see above is a layer made up of 3 medium sized potatoes sliced with the mandolin slicer. After the potatoes I added my ham, some cheddar cheese and some butter.

I poured 4 scrambled eggs over it and that didn’t look like enough, so I increased it to 6. I put it into a 375 degree oven until it turned golden brown and the middle had firmed up.

It baked up into this delicious breakfast treat in about a half hour. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my cast iron? Just look at how well the pieces released from the pan!

We have used this particular pan for almost every meal since 1998 and we’ll probably be using it until the day we die.

Peppers with Bacon and Cream Cheese

I grilled up this platter of a bunch of the last peppers of the fall.  I stuffed jalapenos, pepperoncinis, poblanos and sweet green bell peppers with cream cheese and wrapped them with bacon.  They turned out very nice this evening. What are you eating from your garden?


Cast Iron one-egg skillet

One of the first cast iron skillets I ever owned was this tiny skillet that I use to cook single eggs.

Amusingly, this skillet was actually being sold to be used as an ashtray.  Hence the little pouring spouts on the sides are actually cigarette rests. It works perfectly for my needs though:

Round egg for a round sandwich, perfectly cooked and perfectly released every time.

A seasoned, preheated skillet will easily fry an egg leaving nothing stuck behind. After this pan cooled a bit I wiped it out with a damp towel, spreading a bit of the leftover oil all over it and then put it back away for next time.

I haven’t ever mentioned this here before, but if I had to choose to eat ONE FOOD and only that one thing for the rest of my life, it would be eggs.

Glad he didn’t died! (First Guest Post by CAH)

Today’s post welcomes a guest blogger, CAH, who has more blog ideas waiting in the wings. Thanks C! – Jimmy

So glad that M. pulled through, worried there for a bit that we might have to find a mule team to pull us to Illinois in the blizzard to help L. with triage. As M. lay suffering we were also on a forced slowdown, and as we sat watching the snow fly I asked myself WWMVD? For the uninitiated: What Would M**** V**** Do? I have found that many problems of home and garden can be solved by asking oneself, WWMVD? WWMVD if he were healthy and homebound for a week with a stocked pantry? Cook and Eat!

As Winter rolls on the shelves are beginning to heave a sigh of relief as the colorful deep repositories of summer turn to clear shinny vessels waiting to be of use. We knew we would make it through with quinoa stew reincarnated, winter greens and cumin soup with lemon and feta, no kneed walnut bread, chocolate bourbon caramel cake with bourbon caramel glaze, cornbread, popovers, and deep dark spicy pickled beets. The bounty of Summer was preserved for us in large part due to the friendship of M. and L. and as the snow creeped up and the lids popped we were thankful for the earth that nourishes us and the friends that help us grow.

Book Giveaway: The Urban Homestead, Your Guide to Self-Sufficient Living in the Heart of the City

A family in Pasadena has decided to trademark the term “Urban Homesteading” and several other common phrases. To that end, they have sent out cease and desist letters to many people and organizations tell them that they must only use these phrases IN ALL CAPS WITH (R) a trademark symbol at the end.  They have even tried to stop Google from linking to this book:

I really feel bad for the authors of this book, who have their own blog. They did nothing wrong, but got caught up in a legal battle by these selfish folks in California.

I would like to do my part to support those who are opposed to this land-grab that violates the very rules of the trademarking process. (Trademark law should not be used to “deprive commercial speakers of the ordinary utility of descriptive words.”)

If you would like to be entered into a drawing to receive a copy of this book, please just leave a comment on this post.  I’ll take entries until March 5th and hold a drawing to select the winner shortly thereafter.

If you would, please join the Urban Home-Steading(s) community on Facebook and/or follow the #DumpTheDervaeses hashtag on Twitter to keep up with today’s Urban Homesteaders Day of Action.

Homemade canned cat food

I made some homemade canned cat food today. Yummers!

As we ate the CSA chickens for the last few months I had been saving the hearts, livers and gizzards in the freezer. I was trying to build up the nerve to deep fry them and have them on Superbowl Sunday. I chickened out, pun intended.

Today we cooked our CSA turkey and it had VERY BIG guts! I decided it was time to do something with my large collection of internal organs.

My cat eats dry cat food 90% of the time, and that number would be even higher if he didn’t catch the occasional mouse in the yard. He’s already getting all the nutrition he needs, I just wanted to make him a tasty snack.

I defrosted all the livers, gizzards and hearts and boiled them until they were mostly done. I put all the “meat” through an antique cast iron meat grinder and then ran the last of it through with a couple pieces of wheat bread. I added about 35% rice to the mixture and then pressure canned it in cute little 4 ounce canning jars.


Kitty approves.

Home made cat food! Hooray!

Batter Blaster Bacon-Flavored Pancakes in a Can – Organic

Ok, imagine the most obnoxious, cliché “announcer voice” from TV commercials when you read the next line.

“The World of Tomorrow is Here Today!” (Cue uplifting musak.)

Yes, folks, the Batter Blaster product has been around for a few years. In fact, my friends C. and S. experienced its organic aerosol goodness while they were spending a few seasons living off-grid in their tipi. (They do recognize the irony, and It Is Good.)



Now you can get Batter Blaster with BACON!!! ZOMG!

Yeah, really. Hickory Smoked Bacon flavored aerosol propelled organic pancake batter in a can!

“What a country!”


“We finally really did it.
You maniacs!”

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