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Wasted Thyme

I did a massive pruning in the herb bed tonight and found that I had far more thyme than I had previously thought.

On a potentially related note, I haven’t smoked for 8 days now, and it feels great.

Drying ’em over here, Boss.

I cut bunches of Oregano, Thyme, Parsley and Lavender before the frost ruined them. This seemed as good a place as any to hang them, right near my computer. They smell GREAT!

Bonus internet-points to the first commenter who recognizes the movie reference.

Herb Bed Populated

My wife planted out the herbs that I started indoors several weeks ago. This bed is literally 15 feet from our kitchen door. Thinking of fresh chives on a baked potato makes my mouth water.

Herb Bed in progress

This raised bed frame goes in the space just to the left of the cement where it sits at the moment. I snapped a couple pictures last night before I stopped working on it.

It is 14 feet long and 2 feet wide and will have permanent wooden divisions for 12 different plants. It’s not easy to get a nice photo of the whole thing because the fence is in the way. I played with Photoshop to merge two pictures but it turned out a bit crazy…

Oh Sweet Basil!

Basil is too important to put just in one place.  This will be growing in my wife’s herb bed, of course, but we’ll also have some basil in each of the 3 kid garden beds too.

Garlic Chives

My wife is going to have a 14 by 2 foot herb bed near our back door. These garlic chives are one of many things she will have growing there this summer.  They already smell GREAT.

2009 Tentative Garden Layout


8 ft x 6 ft beds.  The lettuce at the top will be planted on/in 20 inch high bales of straw, thanks to a few awesome bloggers who taught me this trick in their posts.

I’m going to do a broccoli experiment this spring.  I’ll plant two whole beds of broccoli, one with a closer spacing than the other, all other things equal, and we’ll see how it affects yield:


I’m guessing the bed with 35 plants will outperform the bed with 24, but it’s worth checking.  Maybe I’ll be surprised.

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