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Tomatoes planted in 2013

This post is intended as a personal journal entry, because I tend to lose random scraps of paper.

I have now planted 3 beds with 8 tomatoes in each, plus 3 of the 4 planters up by the patio.

The planters each have a determinate Roma with one of the nice red trellises that my mother in law got me for Christmas.

The 4×8 bed next to the fence (the one with rhubarb growing on one end) is planted with a row of 4 Abraham Lincoln on the south side. The north side has Orange van Goeijenbier, Super Beefsteak, Pink Sweet, and Bola Macizo.

The North/South bed at the bottom of the hill has a row of 4 Supersonic tomatoes on the east side. The west side has a Bola Macizo, Church, Indian Stripe, and an Orange van Goeijenbier.

Today I converted a rotten-framed 6×8 bed into a 4×8 cedar-framed bed. This refurbished area was planted with a row of 4 Cabin tomatoes on the south side. The north side is planted with an AJC 431, a Piriform, and two Victor tomatoes.

Each of these three beds has a soaker hose and was covered with straw to help keep the weeds down.

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