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Corn Canning 2012

Yes, it was THAT time of year again folks.  Jimmy Canned Corn with lots of helpers!  We bought 10 dozen ears of the finest organic sweet corn from farmer M.  It was picked at 8 a.m., shucked at 9:00 and safely pressure canned before lunch.

Just cut off the kernels with a sharp knife, pack them uncooked into pint or quart jars, top with boiling water or veggie stock, leaving a generous inch of headspace, and pressure can them according to your guidebook.

Do your pressure canning outdoors in the garage because it’s 100 degrees out and the old air conditioner inside can already barely keep up.

Let the jars cool for a day and then wash off the hard water deposits left behind during canning.  Don’t store them with the rings on, just the flat part of the lid.  The rings need to be washed again right now, and if you leave them on all year, some of the jars will be really hard to open, and some lids might even rust through, unsealing.


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