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Okra time

According to my plant it was okra time.  I haven’t ever had okra time before, so I didn’t really know what the moves were.  I ended up putting these into a quart jar with dill pickle brine and straight into the refrigerator.  They’re pretty good that way.

Isn’t the okra flower beautiful?

Dill-Pickled Garlic Scapes

We are trying garlic scapes cold processed as refrigerator pickles with a dill brine this year.  So far it seems really spicy.  These weren’t really canned, they are just being stored in a glass jar.

If you have made this kind of pickle before, please tell me what you cooked with the scapes after pickling them. What did you use them in? I can only make so much tuna salad.

Okra is growing taller

Okra Flower

The 4 Okra plants that I am growing in my garden had a slow start in their somewhat shady location behind the faster growing garlic leaves.  One is finally starting to flower.  I am still hoping for enough okra to pickle at least one jar.

Jimmy Canned Corn Again

We canned corn again, plus a lot of other things that I haven’t shown you in the last month or so. My shelves are nearly full again, and I still haven’t processed any peaches, pears or apples yet this year.

  • 15 quarts of sweet corn (110 ears)
  • 28 quarts of tomatoes (63 pounds)
  • 15 more pints of pizza sauce (we love it!)
  • 6 more half-pints of relish
  • Another batch of pepper jelly
  • Many more pickled peppers

Watch for my next post, where you can learn what I have done with my leftover corn cobs. 😉

Canned so far




Above you see chili sauce, spaghetti sauce and salsa plus a jar of bread & butter cucumber pickles and a tiny jar of bread & butter banana peppers.  As I said in another post, I learned canning this year.  We have also already eaten 4 jars of salsa and 4 jars of the pickles.  I am thoroughly enjoying this garden!

At store prices, I’ve made $30 worth of salsa, $15 worth of spaghetti sauce, $5 worth of chili sauce and $10 worth of pickles.  Meh, just $60, and I spent some to make it—especially considering that most of the jars were new this year—but still it’s better than 50% off, completely local, free of pesticide, no preservatives.

And very satisfying!

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