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First Ripe Tomato 2012

This was from a Rutgers tomato plant that I grew with seeds from “Mike the Gardener”.  I joined his seeds of the month club last Thanksgiving at such a reduced price that I could not refuse the 3 year membership.  I will receive an envelope in the mail every month (don’t you just LOVE when a package comes in the mail?) until November 2014, and each one will have 4 new packets of seeds.

This was not one of my 4 main tomato plants that I am growing…it’s just an extra stuck into the herb bed.

Tomato Update…sad looking plants as August 2008 rolls around

My tomatoes all got blight!  It’s a fungus, I’m told.  The back yard has been INSANELY WET this year, and that probably helped the fungus grow.  I still got very nice looking tomatoes, and I’ll still get a bunch more, but the plants are dying quickly…very, very quickly.

Patch of 12 tomatoes in late July.  Dying of blight fungus.

Patch of 12 tomatoes in late July. Dying of blight fungus.

Clockwise from the closest corner…Rutgers, Super Marmande, Gardener’s Delight, Cold Set and the mystery pear tomato that snuck into my seed packet.

Closer shot of the sad, dying tomatoes

Closer shot of the sad, dying tomatoes

The fruit doesn’t have a problem…it’s just the green leaves of the vine that are dying.  I’ve already harvested 24 pounds of tomatoes from these 12 plants and I expect to get almost that much more before they are completely dead.

Gardener's Delight cherry tomato doing slightly better than the rest.

Gardener’s Delight cherry tomato doing slightly better than the rest.

I actually doubt I’ll grow these fun cherry tomatoes next year.  My main use for them is in canned stuff and it’s a pain to peel and seed these smaller ones.  They aren’t a tiny cherry tomato…some are golf ball size…but still, it’s a lot more work to get 10 cups from these little guys than it is from bigger fruits.

Gardener's Delight Cherry Tomato

Gardener’s Delight Cherry Tomato

It’s hard not to love these guys though.  Very attractive, very prolific, very tasty and pretty large as cherry tomatoes go.

Close-up of Gardener's Delight Cherry tomatoes

Close-up of Gardener’s Delight Cherry tomatoes

Radish harvest, green tomatoes, baby broccoli

I harvested these radishes tonight…the first time I’ve done enough “picking” in one night this year to use the word “harvest.”  Interesting how they can vary so much in size.  These were picked from a 2 square foot patch that I planted together with carrots.  I left almost as many radishes in the ground as I picked…the others didn’t seem ready yet.

There are baby green tomatoes (between the size of a pea and a marble) on my Gardener’s Delight cherry tomato and my Cold Set tomato.  There are flowers on the Rutgers and Super Marmande as well.  Very promising!

This little broccoli flower is only a little over an inch in diameter.  I’m hoping it grows up big and tasty along with all it’s friends.

Tempting Tomato Fate

I planted out four of my 12 tomato plants last night.  One each of Super Marmande, Rutgers, Gardener’s Delight and Cold Set.

According to the chart I found for Illinois historic temperatures, after April 24th there is only a 10% chance of having another 32 degree night.

Tonight’s low is supposed to be 41, and the forecast shows the daily low rising for the next 6 nights. Hopefully there won’t be any frost tonight, but even if there is, I have more plants ready.

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