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Cooking for Company

We grilled with a bigger cast iron skillet when company came over recently.  There were 3 extra here, so we threw another potato in the pot and nobody left hungry.

My son H. told me that as I was putting the brats on it looked like I was building a company logo in Photoshop.  I can see it.  Brats-R-Us, maybe?

Cast Iron Grilling and Brats

It would appear that this cast iron pan and these bratwurst were made for each other.  Just look how nicely they fit onto the grill. 🙂

When grilling outdoors, whether charcoal, gas or an open camp fire, cast iron pans always work. Don’t try this with your teflon coated pans or your stainless steel with built-in rubber grips on the handles!

Cast iron breakfast

Last weekend I had some ham to use up.  I decided to make a frittata-like baked dish for breakfast.  Under the ingredients you can see above is a layer made up of 3 medium sized potatoes sliced with the mandolin slicer. After the potatoes I added my ham, some cheddar cheese and some butter.

I poured 4 scrambled eggs over it and that didn’t look like enough, so I increased it to 6. I put it into a 375 degree oven until it turned golden brown and the middle had firmed up.

It baked up into this delicious breakfast treat in about a half hour. Have I mentioned lately how much I love my cast iron? Just look at how well the pieces released from the pan!

We have used this particular pan for almost every meal since 1998 and we’ll probably be using it until the day we die.

Cast Iron one-egg skillet

One of the first cast iron skillets I ever owned was this tiny skillet that I use to cook single eggs.

Amusingly, this skillet was actually being sold to be used as an ashtray.  Hence the little pouring spouts on the sides are actually cigarette rests. It works perfectly for my needs though:

Round egg for a round sandwich, perfectly cooked and perfectly released every time.

A seasoned, preheated skillet will easily fry an egg leaving nothing stuck behind. After this pan cooled a bit I wiped it out with a damp towel, spreading a bit of the leftover oil all over it and then put it back away for next time.

I haven’t ever mentioned this here before, but if I had to choose to eat ONE FOOD and only that one thing for the rest of my life, it would be eggs.

Canning kitchen in the garage


Cast iron triple burner

Cast iron triple burner

Last summer I learned to can my garden produce in glass jars.  This involves boiling big pots of food and water for as long as a couple hours at a time, usually on the hottest evenings of July and August.  The resulting humidity in the house was very uncomfortable, so we would run the air conditioning all night.  That made canning very energy expensive in a way we didn’t anticipate.

This summer I’ll be doing much of my canning on this old bar surface.  This is set up in my attached garage immediately next to the 2-car garage door opening.  It’s also just a few steps from my actual kitchen.

The bar has been reused many times.  We inherited it with the house we bought 10 years ago and it held laundry for about 5 years.  It held an aquarium for about 3 years after that and when it was moving day we almost left it behind for the next buyer.  Instead, my wife talked me into taking it apart and cutting it down to it’s current short height.  She used it this way in her elementary classroom for a year or two before bringing it home again.  Now it has been repurposed again as a kitchen counter!

Canning here won’t be quite as convenient as inside the house, but it should work fine!  It will also be interesting to be able to measure EXACTLY how much we have to spend on the energy for canning (at $19 per tank refill).

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