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Cast Iron Grilling and Brats

It would appear that this cast iron pan and these bratwurst were made for each other. ¬†Just look how nicely they fit onto the grill. ūüôā

When grilling outdoors, whether charcoal, gas or an open camp fire, cast iron pans always work. Don’t try this with your teflon coated pans or your stainless steel with built-in rubber grips on the handles!

Cast Iron one-egg skillet

One of the first cast iron skillets I ever owned was this tiny skillet that I use to cook single eggs.

Amusingly, this skillet was actually being sold to be used as an ashtray.  Hence the little pouring spouts on the sides are actually cigarette rests. It works perfectly for my needs though:

Round egg for a round sandwich, perfectly cooked and perfectly released every time.

A seasoned, preheated skillet will easily fry an egg leaving nothing stuck behind. After this pan cooled a bit I wiped it out with a damp towel, spreading a bit of the leftover oil all over it and then put it back away for next time.

I haven’t ever mentioned this here before, but if I had to choose to eat ONE FOOD and only that one thing for the rest of my life, it would be eggs.

Glad he didn’t died! (First Guest Post by CAH)

Today’s post welcomes a guest blogger, CAH, who has more blog ideas waiting in the wings. Thanks C! – Jimmy

So glad that M. pulled through, worried there for a bit that we might have to find a mule team to pull us to Illinois in the blizzard to help L. with triage. As M. lay suffering we were also on a forced slowdown, and as we sat watching the snow fly I asked myself WWMVD? For the uninitiated: What Would M**** V**** Do? I have found that many problems of home and garden can be solved by asking oneself, WWMVD? WWMVD if he were healthy and homebound for a week with a stocked pantry? Cook and Eat!

As Winter rolls on the shelves are beginning to heave a sigh of relief as the colorful deep repositories of summer turn to clear shinny vessels waiting to be of use. We knew we would make it through with quinoa stew reincarnated, winter greens and cumin soup with lemon and feta, no kneed walnut bread, chocolate bourbon caramel cake with bourbon caramel glaze, cornbread, popovers, and deep dark spicy pickled beets. The bounty of Summer was preserved for us in large part due to the friendship of M. and L. and as the snow creeped up and the lids popped we were thankful for the earth that nourishes us and the friends that help us grow.

Duck Sauce

My 4-year-old son has seemingly always wanted to be a chef. ¬†Here’s a little picture of him making egg salad when he was 3 1/2:

Gourmet Egg Salad

He insisted on not having any help, at all, even on ingredient selection. ¬†On his own he put together boiled egg, mustard, raw chopped onion, romaine lettuce and just a touch of ketchup. ¬†Add a little salt and pepper and it’s done.

He wouldn’t try it but dad had to! ¬†The only thing I would have done differently would have been to peel ALL the shell off the egg (crunch, crunch) and watch the salt a bit.

SO tonight¬†at dinner we were having pork chops with a rice dish on the side. ¬†Cute little guy tells dad that the rice is great and asks me what’s in it. ¬†Mmmmm, butter and duck sauce, mainly.

Oh yeah dad? What’s duck sauce?

So I find myself explaining, to a 4 year old budding chef, that this particular duck sauce is basically a pineapple and red & green pepper jelly.

It just seemed like it should have been all way over his head…but he’s tucking it away in that brain of his I know it.

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