Sweet Corn Cob Jelly

As I mentioned in my last post, I canned sweet corn this week. I have done this for the last 2 years as well, and I always hated composting well over half the weight of the corn that I had bought. I just didn’t really know what to do with all those cobs.

They really don’t look that appetizing, right? But if you were to chew on one of these a bit, you would taste that there was actually a lot of flavor left behind.

I found a recipe for Corn Cob Jelly online. The first ingredient was Corn Cob Juice. I was told to cut about a dozen cobs into neat sections and boil them in about 2 quarts of water for 35-40 minutes.

I let the cobs simmer and kept tasting the water. Indeed, it was getting rather sweet!

At the end of the first cooking time I strained my Corn Cob Juice through cheesecloth. The result was this beautiful liquid shown above. The recipe called for 3 cups of juice, and I ended up with more than I needed. The taste of this juice will vary depending on what variety of corn you use, and how fresh the corn was, but this was just seriously delicious.

I mixed the juice together with powdered pectin and an equal amount of sugar and boiled it into jelly that was fit to can.

The result was 4 lovely half-pints and another few ounces that went straight into the refrigerator to try the next morning.

Several hours later I had Sweet Corn Jelly on my breakfast toast with butter and it was very tasty! I love trying new recipes, but much more so when the result is pleasing. This was a definite success.


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