Jimmy Canned Corn Again

We canned corn again, plus a lot of other things that I haven’t shown you in the last month or so. My shelves are nearly full again, and I still haven’t processed any peaches, pears or apples yet this year.

  • 15 quarts of sweet corn (110 ears)
  • 28 quarts of tomatoes (63 pounds)
  • 15 more pints of pizza sauce (we love it!)
  • 6 more half-pints of relish
  • Another batch of pepper jelly
  • Many more pickled peppers

Watch for my next post, where you can learn what I have done with my leftover corn cobs. 😉


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  1. My wife and I went shopping and found jars and the Ball book. I want to order the All American canner/high pressure cooker. She wants to buy a cheaper one that only costs half as much because she says we are putting a lot of money into this and we don’t even know if we can do it or will like it. I may have to compromise and get the $84.00 pressure cooker, although I thought I had this decision behind me. Life is never simple. 😡


    • If you enjoy canning, eventually you’re going to want 2 pressure canners, at least. Consider this one your “starter” canner. 😀

      I wish I had another one working right now. The sweet corn I processed last night needed 85 minutes at pressure…so almost 2 hours considering warm-up and cool-down. I worked until 12:45 because I had to process 15 jars and my two canners together can only hold 11 quarts in one go-’round.


  2. I clearly have alot to learn about canning. Pressure? Lord, I’ll be doing some reading soon. I brew beer so I was planning on boiling water in my 5gallon pot. I may have to re-think how this is going to work.

    Thanks for keeping me motivated.


    • Pressure canning is used for low-acid products. Corn, green beans, meat and the like all have to be processed until their internal temperature reaches 240 degrees Farenheit, but an open kettle won’t allow temps over 212.

      Boiling water bath canning is used for all high-acid products such as fruit, salsa, tomatoes, jelly and jam.


  3. Ok so feeling alittle less ignorant re-canning. I’ve just read a bunch of your posts on canning and think I can handle this. I especially like the pizza sauce. Thanks for the good resource, it is appreciated.



    • Justin-

      You’re welcome. Glad I could help. I don’t go too in-depth on the process, assuming that the reader already has some experience; so don’t jump in without at least reading the instructions on a few other web sites as well.


  4. Not only does that look pretty tasty, but it’s great to find a use for something that might otherwise have been discarded. I try to use every last little bit of everything. Throwing something away is distressing . I’m not a hoarder, just frugal.


    • I think you meant to reply to the post above this one. My blog layout is throwing you off. 🙂

      Frugal is very good. Hoarding doesn’t look like hoarding if you have enough space for everything. 😀


  5. Opps! Maybe not your blog layout, maybe my age. Seems to be happening to me a lot lately. The worst is when I think I’ve left a comment, then I find out I didn’t fill in some other thing I was supposed to an it doesn’t make it to the blog I am reading. Oh,well.


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