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Drought Stricken Tomato Giving Up

One of my two Cabin tomato plants is giving up the fight for water!

The basil is badly gone to seed as well. It’s hard to convince the plants to play nice when they are seeing extreme weather and all they really want is some water.

However, on the other other end of the patio, this Cabin tomato is looking healthier than ever.  It’s basil is horrible, yes, but the tomato is doing FINE.  It has just reached 8 feet tall and I expect it to live through fall.


Garden flood today

Today while I was at work it rained a lot.  Actually quite a lot.  The creek overflowed its 4 foot banks and rose up 25 feet inside my fence (probably an additional 2 feet in water height).

Everything loose in the bottom half of the yard was washed over to the west side of the fence.  If it were not for the fence, I would have had a lot less to clean up here, but S. would have lost his favorite boots that he wears during all 4 seasons ala Napoleon Dynamite.

Grass layed down

The soccer net caught some gunk for me!  Thanks, soccer net!  GOAL!!!!!!!!

The flood waters rose right on up over my lowest two “raised” beds.  Next year I’ll add an additonal 12 inches to the 6 inch height I built this year.  That means I get to order and move dirt again!  Yee-HAW!

Small broccoli bent over, covered with debris.

Iceberg lettuce full of mud.

Corn lying down on the job.

Carrot patch almost ruined.

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