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Ripe Tomatoes mean 2012 Salsa…soon

My first 6 pounds of ripe tomatoes.  They’re an ugly bunch, due to the weather, but they’ll taste fine when I make them into salsa!

I didn’t even see the squash bug in person. I only noticed him in iPhoto.  This is a Cabin plant.  I’ll be saving a whole bunch of seeds soon.


First Red Raspberry of the Season…and a plan

First Red Raspberry of 2012

Raspberries are–easily–my favorite berry.  I cannot get enough of these.  I’m a bit too lazy (and a bit too much AT WORK) to frequent the farmer’s markets at the best times to buy the choicest produce, so whenever I find any raspberries at all, it’s the last sorry-looking quart the farmer has for sale and they are half-way to juice already.  Maybe I’m just too picky…I know they would still make fine jam.

There’s just nothing like a perfect raspberry, picked and eaten right outside by the plant.

But, I have a plan.  The other day while hiking at an undisclosed public location, we hiked through what was at least a full acre of raspberries in flower.  They were a week or so behind mine.  I FULLY intend to revisit that location, with a backpack full of containers.  Guerilla harvesting?  Maybe.  I’ll keep you posted.

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