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Japan Invades my Back Yard

They sent beetles.

Japanese Beetle on an Apple Leaf

Japanese Beetles on my Yellow Delicious Apple Tree

Japanese Beetle on a Cherry Leaf

The Japanese Beetles showed up after all.  These unwelcome pests will do their best to completely strip leaves down to their framework of veins. I know first-hand that they love apple and cherry trees, grape leaves, sweet potato leaves, corn silk, beans and more. They are an evil scourge and the only way (acceptable to me) to get rid of them seems to be picking them off by hand.


Suspiciously missing this year

I can’t tell you why, but this year I have not seen any evidence of the moles that normally live in my back yard / garden.  I also haven’t yet seen a flush of June Bugs.  They normally show themselves in early May around here, so some refer to them as May Beetles.  Also, in all my digging, I haven’t seen a single Japanese Beetle.

If they all stay away, I’ll be OK with that.

Japanese Beetles Attack!


(I do realize that this is probably the crappiest picture online that purports to show Japanese Beetles. Again, it was taken with my cell phone.)

My community garden’s sweet corn is completely infested with these largish beetles.  The beetles are covering the corn’s tassels and feeding on the pollen.  When that’s gone, they’ll apparently begin eating the silk and quite possibly interfere with proper pollination.

Plus, it’s disgusting to have dozens and dozens of big beetles on my corn.  I guess I’m going to get a container of soapy water and knock as many as I can off into their deathtrap tomorrow at lunch.  Wish me luck!

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