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Homemade canned cat food

I made some homemade canned cat food today. Yummers!

As we ate the CSA chickens for the last few months I had been saving the hearts, livers and gizzards in the freezer. I was trying to build up the nerve to deep fry them and have them on Superbowl Sunday. I chickened out, pun intended.

Today we cooked our CSA turkey and it had VERY BIG guts! I decided it was time to do something with my large collection of internal organs.

My cat eats dry cat food 90% of the time, and that number would be even higher if he didn’t catch the occasional mouse in the yard. He’s already getting all the nutrition he needs, I just wanted to make him a tasty snack.

I defrosted all the livers, gizzards and hearts and boiled them until they were mostly done. I put all the “meat” through an antique cast iron meat grinder and then ran the last of it through with a couple pieces of wheat bread. I added about 35% rice to the mixture and then pressure canned it in cute little 4 ounce canning jars.


Kitty approves.

Home made cat food! Hooray!

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