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Planted Sweet Potato Hills

This is my third time growing sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Hills

This year I am trying a hilled approach.

Home grown sweet potato plants

This is just bagged dirt, mixed with what I already had in the bed, and amended with some Dr. Earth fertilizer.  My hope is that if I keep these hills moist, the soil will remain loose and friable enough for the sweet potatoes to go bonkers and grow well for me.

Newly Planted Sweet Potato Plant

I shouldn’t mix experiments, but another thing I’m trying that is different this year is that I didn’t cut the sweet potato slips off the mother spud…I just pulled the whole piece from the jar where I sprouted it and stuck it in the dirt.

Sweet Potato Vines

There are six hopeful sweet potato plants in these 3 hills.  The dirt under the hills was worked loose down to 8 or 10 inches.  As the vines grow and sprawl over this bed, I’ll let them root wherever they want.  Anywhere a vine roots, potatoes start to grow down from there.

Sweet Potato Hills

My wife says it looks like I buried somebody here.

Planting hills in the garden – 2010

In the kids’ square foot gardens, they are going to have quite a few vining crops.  In just the bed for H., there will be Watermelon, Zucchini, Jackolantern and Gourds.  Of course I realize that these vines won’t stay in their 4-square-foot space for the next 3 or 4 months, but I will try to keep them in the bed for as long as possible by turning the growing end.

Without looking it up, I couldn’t say for sure why these things are planted in hills.  I expect it is because the hill of dirt will warm up quickly in the morning sun and also drain especially well. These are warm loving crops, which is why I will probably have to replant them all.

These pictures were taken last Sunday when we put the seeds in the ground.  Today and tomorrow the overnight low temperatures are right around freezing.  That will probably kill the just-emerged seedlings from last weekend’s direct-seeded planting.  Oh well, I have more time and more seeds.  I can’t be upset about a tiny setback like that.

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