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Pick a peck of popcorn

We got a decent haul from the 4 square feet of popcorn we planted. It’s probably only enough to fill a pint jar after we crack it. See what I did there? 😛

First we have to let it dry enough that it comes off the cob easily when twisted.


Almost time for popcorn

We had an old tin of popcorn that we bought from the Boy Scouts fundraiser a couple years ago that was almost gone.  This spring I planted a 2×2 square with a bunch of the kernels and was very surprised by the germination rate.  I pulled out 5 or 6 for each one I kept.

Now they are getting close to being ready.  The ears are a nice size, and most of the stalks have two ears. I peeked inside the husks of one ear, and I can tell it needs a few more weeks. We will dry this and have enough popcorn (and seeds) for another year.

The eaves of the garage in this picture are over 8 feet high.  This is pretty tall corn.

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