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How to tell the difference between Blackberries and Raspberries

I was well over 30 years old before I learned the real difference between Blackberries and Raspberries. (Hint: It’s not color.)  Before learning how to tell, the names didn’t mean anything to me, and it didn’t help that you can find both of these berries available in varieties other than their traditional colors.


A pair of blackberries, one with it’s stem attached, one with it’s stem removed.  Blackberries break cleanly from the plant and do not leave behind a “rasp”.  What’s a rasp?  Keep scrolling…


A pair of raspberries, one with it’s stem still attached, one with it’s stem removed.  Look closely and you will see that the raspberry appears to be hollow inside…at least much more hollow that the blackberry above.


A raspberry next to it’s stem and rasp.  The part of the berry that was inside the fruit, but stays on the plant when the berry is picked, is called the rasp.

So now, with just a quick look,  you will know whether you are eating raspberries or not, whether the fruit is black, purple, golden, red or even green or white.


Crowded Seedlings Need Replanted

Crowded Seedlings

I have been neglecting my seed starting room!  I need to get this jungle tamed soon and then start some more things!

Meanwhile, the weather man is forecasting a low of 37 [edit: 35!] with possible frost tonight!  I guess I’ll be covering as many flowers (strawberry, cherry, apple, berries) as I can with old sheets and blankets.

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