Chili Pepper Vinegar

The next-to-the-last thing out of my garden for 2008 were the pepper plants.  Only the lettuce remains now.

I had quite a handful of chili peppers that didn’t turn red, so I thought I would try making some spicy vinegar like I have seen out on the tables at some restaurants.

I did no research until after the fact, so there are things I would do differently now.  I just washed and dropped all the peppers I had into an old clean soy sauce bottle. Then I threw in about a teaspoon of salt and filled it with hot vinegar.

It seems to have worked out fine, as just an hour or two after filling the bottle the vinegar was already spicy.

According to most sources I checked later, I should have completely filled the bottle with vegetables to avoid the peppers floating in there.  I would have done that if I’d had enough peppers, but I guess I could have also used fillers like onions and carrots.

Anyway, it has a great taste already and I can hardly wait to see how it is after a few weeks.


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