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Green bee on tomato flower


Tomato Variety Photo Reviews

I have been taking photos of the tomato varieties I grew this year.  Thanks to my very smart cell phone, the photos get magically transferred to my computer and are named with the time and date they were taken.  To me, this is far easier than taking notes with paper and pencil, because THIS I […]

Tomato Photo Reviews

Unless otherwise noted, all the tomatoes listed are open pollinated heirlooms and indeterminate. Abraham Lincoln AJC 431 Beaver Lodge Slicer Bola Macizo Cabin Ceylon Church Ester Hess Indian Stripe Italian Red Cherry Orange van Goeijenbier Pink Sweet Piriform Schimmieg Striped Tiger Like Victor

Tomatoes planted in 2013

This post is intended as a personal journal entry, because I tend to lose random scraps of paper. I have now planted 3 beds with 8 tomatoes in each, plus 3 of the 4 planters up by the patio. The planters each have a determinate Roma with one of the nice red trellises that my […]

26.5 ounce Cabin Tomato

WOW!  I have never grown such big fruits from this variety before!  If you just joined this web site, let me fill you in.  I have been saving seeds from “Cabin” tomatoes and regrowing them for the last few years.  The plants seem really disease resistant, and I love the taste! I have saved one […]

Tomato Growths

I don’t know why tomatoes sometimes grow fingers, noses, whatever-you-want-to-call-these, but they are fun!

Drought Stricken Tomato Giving Up

One of my two Cabin tomato plants is giving up the fight for water! The basil is badly gone to seed as well. It’s hard to convince the plants to play nice when they are seeing extreme weather and all they really want is some water. However, on the other other end of the patio, […]

Large Cabin Tomatoes this Year + Saving Seeds Round 1

I have been seeing some Cabin tomatoes that are much larger than the last 3 years.  I guess when they get full sun they produce at a better size! I saved seeds from these two tomatoes. They are fermenting in this jar on my counter. Soon I’ll clean them and dry them. Only 4 of […]

Ripe Tomatoes mean 2012 Salsa…soon

My first 6 pounds of ripe tomatoes.  They’re an ugly bunch, due to the weather, but they’ll taste fine when I make them into salsa! I didn’t even see the squash bug in person. I only noticed him in iPhoto.  This is a Cabin plant.  I’ll be saving a whole bunch of seeds soon.

Hot Pepper Tomato Sauce

With a few green jalapeños and one habañero from the pepper plants I pulled before frost, I made up some of “Jessica’s Hot Pepper Sauce.” I normally do not like the site, but I do enjoy the sauce that I made using this recipe: Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups vinegar 6 chile peppers (at least […]