Tomato Variety Photo Reviews

2013-08-21 19.00.23

2013-08-21 19.00.23

I have been taking photos of the tomato varieties I grew this year.  Thanks to my very smart cell phone, the photos get magically transferred to my computer and are named with the time and date they were taken.  To me, this is far easier than taking notes with paper and pencil, because THIS I will do and that I usually neglected.

Tomato Variety Photo Reviews

The reviews are done as “pages” instead of “posts.”  That way they will always be available from the site menu bar.

I will go back and add in things that I noticed or remembered about each variety, but for now it’s mostly just pictures on each page.  If something about one of the photos interests you, then by all means leave a comment or ask a question.

One response to this post.

  1. Enjoyed the tomato variety photos. I’m still interested in some Cabin seeds if you have any or know where I can get some. Thanks



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