I am done resizing beds



I am finally finished rebuilding most of my garden’s raised bed frames.  I now no longer have any 6×8 beds.  I found out that I much prefer them to be 4 feet wide.

I love that central column of 6 raised beds!

As you can see, I added 2 more truckloads of wood chips to the paths.  I need 1 more load to complete the project.

I canned another gallon and a half of tomatoes. Today it was prepared pizza sauce.

What are you up to?


4 responses to this post.

  1. The wood chips make the garden look so orderly (and weed-free) – smart idea.
    Cherry tomatoes are just starting to ripen here in central NH, and the broccoli is growing like crazy.


  2. You did a nice job, your garden looks great.


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