July 2013 garden


This picture tells the story of how things are going in Jimmy’s garden.

The main thing I am still doing is replacing rotten raised bed frames with new cedar frames. As I do this I am changing the 8 x 6 beds to 8 x 4.

This year I am mulching almost everything with straw. It is helpful at keeping down the weeds, preserving moisture in the soil, and keeping soil diseases off the tomatoes.

The strawberries are aging out and seem to have caught a disease. I will be destroying most of them, but I transplanted a row to see if the runner plants they will send out are disease-free. If they are, I will keep the baby plants and remove the parents this fall.

In the front of this picture you see a little garlic patch grown from a handful of bulbils.  I grew this 4×2 patch just to see how bulbils work.  The resulting plants seem to be growing three-quarter inch divided cloves, complete with scapes and bulbils of their own.

My pepper patch is doing pretty well, and I am starting to see lots of flowers and green peppers.

Some tomatoes are 5 feet tall while Cabin and others are still only 18 inches high. This year I am keeping all my indeterminates to a single stem.


Misc pictures:








4 responses to this post.

  1. Just a note to tell you that my cabin tomato is doing great. It is one of the best looking tomato plants I have. It has several nice looking tomato’s on it, None ripe yet.It is one of 12 varieties I’m growing. I like high acid tomato’s and my wife has to have low acid. Thanks again for the seeds. Robert


  2. I love the green of your garden — and how tall your corn is. Hope the strawberry runner experiment works out.


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