Sending Seeds in the Mail

I have test-sprouted (>90% germination), packaged, packed, sealed and sent your envelopes of Cabin Tomato seeds. 7 envelopes went out on Wednesday, and 6 more are going out in Thursday’s mail. I still have about 4 or 5 more remaining.

I am incredibly grateful to you growers who are willing to try growing your own Cabin tomatoes in the 2013 season. If you can, grow a plant for friend too. If you can, save seeds for the next year too.

If you don’t receive the seeds I promised you within a week from today, please contact me again. There was one pack going to Canada, so I don’t know how long that should take.

Everything is going well for Jimmy, I just haven’t had much blog motivation lately.

Thank you all!


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  1. I have wondered about them a couple of times. My grandson and I will be the ones using them and will post my results. Thanks


  2. Thanks in advance for the cabin tomato seeds.


  3. Posted by Leilani on November 29, 2012 at 10:53 am

    Well, either way, it’s good to have you back. I planted an apricot tree a few weeks ago and thought, “Jimmy would appreciate this.” 🙂


  4. Posted by Jim on November 29, 2012 at 7:09 pm

    Thanks in advance for the seeds. I’ll be looking forward to trying this variety and will definitely let you know how they do here in Idaho.


  5. Hi. Just found your blog. What can you tell me about your Cabin variety of tomato? Would love to try some!


  6. Interesting. […e-mail address…] Thanks!


  7. So excited! I got the seeds today and look forward to testing them out next season. Thank you again!


  8. I got my seeds today! Very excited to try them! I Can’t wait for spring!! Thank you so much!!


  9. If you have any Cabin seeds left I’d love to get some from you somehow. I grew them for a few years and but apparently saved the last seeds improperly. Last year the few I had didn’t germinate well and I don’t know what will happen with them in 2013. My original seeds were from wintersown too.


    • Sande-

      I ended up sending my extras to Wintersown this week. If you send them a request this year and specifically ask for Cabin, I would guess that they could get you a few.


      • Appreciate you sharing your seeds, and I look forward to growing them. However, there is already a variety called Cabin which does not match your description. Would be great if we could get more info on the origin of this variety.


        • The full extent of my info is from personal observation and the fact that I got them from Wintersown in late 2008, marked with this variety name.

          Perhaps Trudi Davidoff at Wintersown would reveal her original source…I don’t know.


        • Will do. Thank you for getting back with me on it. I love the meatiness of them. Not many seeds to save in the ones I had. If I don’t get any I’ll just way overplant on what I have and should get a few. I think when I saved the last batch they weren’t quite ripe enough and that’s why they didn’t germinate as well.


          • I made the same mistake one year and had to grow out Cabin Tomatoes from year-old seeds. I just planted then 20x thicker than I needed and actually got 25% germination.

  10. I received the Cabin seeds in the mail today, a million thanks! Can’t wait to give them a go next year. I admire your passion to preserve the species, and will do my best keep it going.

    In addition to growing in my own garden, I will be sure to also share some of the seedlings with friends as well our community garden at work – whose produce goes to a local shelter and the zoo! Thanks also for the links you gave me with instructions to save my own, I gave it a try, we’ll see how it goes!


  11. Posted by thebeadden on December 29, 2012 at 4:05 pm

    I received my seeds last week and wanted to say thank you! We will try our best to keep this variety alive and kicking. There are a few expert gardeners we will be sharing some of the seedlings with and will be sure that we all save some from our own crop.
    Thank you! Made a post at our garden blog too.


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