Sauercrock Sauercracked, Sauerkraut Sauercanned

My Sauerkraut was finished some time ago.  I held it in the refrigerator to SLOOOOW down the fermentation for a while, then I canned 2/3 of it.  The remaining third will be eaten the proper way…alive.

While I was scooping kraut out of my fermenting crock, I noticed some bad news:

My 4 gallon crock has developed a crack all the way through from the inside, out.  That stain is dried cabbage juice and salt.  This is disappointing, because I don’t want to spend a small fortune on a new one, but I can’t trust this one again.

This is the color I achieved this year with my mixture of purple and green cabbages.  I hate to kill the beneficial bacteria by canning it, but the kraut won’t last until next July if I don’t can some of it.

On an unrelated note, today is the first day in 8 days that I haven’t taken any headache medicine.  I have been down twice with a migraine, and it’s still up there, lurking around, threatening to come back again.




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  1. That is some beautiful stuff and maybe by next year you can be in the right place at the right time and get one really cheap.
    I sure hope the headaches go away and stay away. I’ve was in the hospital once for 4 days trying to get rid of one. 😦


  2. Man, headaches really are bad news. I see a lot of people in my practice (I am a massage therapist) who suffer from them. Seems like alleviating the tension in neck and shoulders can really help a lot.

    so sorry about your crock. That really sucks big time. I don’t know if you have the same sort of thing around where you are, but we have tons of flea markets and “antique” stores that have booths and a lot of times you can come across a very nice crock for very little money. Both of the crocks that we use for aging olives came from that source, and neither one of them cost me more than $20 dollars. Of course, they are only 3 gallon crocks, too. I’m not sure how big yours is.

    Your sauerkraut is beautiful. I’m going to try making some fermented beets/apples when we get back from our anniversary celebration in St. Louis this week. It is truly amazing how many vegetables you can process using the lactobacillus fermentation process.


    • I haven’t ever fermented anything else, on purpose. I have been wanting to try dill pickles. I get a 10 minute chair massage every month at work, and in the past that has helped a headache go away. It didn’t work this month, so I might have to go see her for a full hour.

      Congratulations on your anniversary. Enjoy your trip.


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