Paper Seed Packet Template

Seed Packet Template

I have dried out two batches of tomato seeds and I am fermenting a third batch. After all 3 are ready, I will make sure they are viable by sprouting a sampling in a wet paper towel.  Then it will be time to pack them up and ship them out!

Sorry I haven’t had much to say lately, but life happens from time to time.


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  1. Sure hope that my name made the list of those you will send them out to. 🙂


  2. I still want just a few of your cabin seeds. Just let me know what info you need Thanks. Robert Lewis –


  3. You are so much more organized than I am. I fold paper into an envelope and write the name of the seeds on it…


  4. Oh wow, these are great!


  5. I’d like a few of the cabin seeds. Claude Phillippy to let me know when avaiable and what else you need to ship them.


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