It’s dead, Jim.


Sweet Potato Vines


Brussels that didn’t sprout

Gourd Vines

I am giving up on much of the garden for the next few weeks. Isn’t it nice that when there is a drought I can just run to the grocery store instead of worrying about how I’ll live until spring on a few gourds?

Yes, I am done watering everything except two of my four tomatoes, and MAYBE my sweet potato hills, we will see.


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  1. Oh no! How so very sad…and yes, good thing there is a grocery store to run to.


  2. I don’t blame you, I gave up during our drought here in the UK, but since then it’s rained, rained, and rained some more! Your tomatoes are amazing, mine are still green, I’m hoping for just a little bit of sun to help them ripen and make the school summer holidays less of a wash-out.


  3. Drought is so depressing. I haven’t given up yet, but boy, I am not looking forward to my water bill…. It isn’t just the no rain that is so hard, it is the extreme heat at the same time. We won’t have to run to the grocery store just yet, the freezers are pretty full. But the situation is really hard for any gardener to take.


  4. Posted by Leilani on July 20, 2012 at 10:33 am

    Thanks for sharing. My cucumbers look the same.:( My pumpkin plant, on the other hand, is lush! Big leaves, big blooms…and NO pumpkins. Grr! So mad! Why the flowers but no fruit? Should I have planted two pumpkin plants for cross pollination?


    • Why flowers and no fruit? I think they plants are probably responding to stress. I know that in my yard when conditions are not just perfect, my vine fruits make all male flowers and no female. You should not need two plants, unless you planted a hybrid all-female variety.


  5. It’s great we’re not farming for a living, we’d be broke!! It’s hard work, but gratifying when the weather and everything else works out for us. Makes me appreciate those that do this for a living and gives me more compassion when I hear they are struggling just like we are. A lot of farmers are going bust as well with this drought. Keep it up, we’ll get there one day.


  6. Posted by Green Thumb Mama on July 20, 2012 at 7:35 pm

    This is so depressing. Like a death in the family in my book. So sorry. 😦


  7. Posted by Christie on July 21, 2012 at 4:12 pm

    I just did the same thing – came to terms with my dead/dying squash and red potatoes. The cucumbers may be on their way out, too, but I haven’t accepted it yet. 🙂 I am really ready for some consistent rain over here in Indiana. Sorry for your losses!


  8. So sad for you! That’s how we felt last year here in TX. There’s always the fall planting, right? Chin up = )


    • Yes, Texas is recovering a bit, comparatively. I’m really glad for that, because there won’t be much straw and hay from the midwest this year. It has to come from somewhere.


  9. Posted by thebeadden on July 23, 2012 at 5:52 pm

    I am officially scared about going out to see our gardens now. 😦


  10. Yes, very sad (and frustrating!) indeed. I will be sending you good vibes for more luck with the rest of the summer. I must say, though, it’s almost comforting to know that it’s not JUST my garden that’s struggling. We got a bunch of rain this evening- hope you did, too- so hopefully things will perk up for us 🙂


    • Thank you! I appreciate that. It has finally rained enough that the weeds by the edges of the patio and sidewalk grew. I mowed for the first time in 6 or 8 weeks today. Of course the garden is still struggling. It will improve, I just know it.


  11. Those gourds aren’t dead, neither are the brussels sprouts. Don’t give up the faith! Water only what needs it. The drought is so bad here that our creek has dried up and our pond is frighteningly low. I have given up on our potatoes and some of our beans, but a little water really makes a difference.


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