Drought Stricken Tomato Giving Up

One of my two Cabin tomato plants is giving up the fight for water!

The basil is badly gone to seed as well. It’s hard to convince the plants to play nice when they are seeing extreme weather and all they really want is some water.

However, on the other other end of the patio, this Cabin tomato is looking healthier than ever.  It’s basil is horrible, yes, but the tomato is doing FINE.  It has just reached 8 feet tall and I expect it to live through fall.


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  1. Hey there- why are you letting that basil go to seed? Pinch off any and all blooms on that stuff as soon as you see it starting to form. It’s not to late- go get it!


    • Oh, believe me, I know. That basil has been so water and heat stressed that it went almost straight to trying to bolt. We pinched off seed heads every night or two for the last week of May and all of June. We finally gave up when the first week of July was all 105 degree afternoons.


      • Have you ever tasted those basil flowers? They have this amazing basily-sweet nectar inside. I used to catch my kids stealing them, then we started tossing them into salads. I’m kind of waiting here for some heat stress induced blossoms. 😉


  2. Posted by thebeadden on July 17, 2012 at 3:09 pm

    Sorry about your tomato plant. That goodness for the other one! It’s a monster!


  3. Mine too, plan to pull them up tomorrow and till the whole garden and begin looking for something else to grow until fall. I always enjoy your posts! Keep up the great work.


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