Cooking for Company

We grilled with a bigger cast iron skillet when company came over recently.  There were 3 extra here, so we threw another potato in the pot and nobody left hungry.

My son H. told me that as I was putting the brats on it looked like I was building a company logo in Photoshop.  I can see it.  Brats-R-Us, maybe?


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  1. Posted by on July 7, 2012 at 10:31 am

    I love this potato dish with rosemary! YUM!


  2. Looks wonderful. I can’t get on board with “Brats-R-Us” though. The whole concept of that particular logo bugs the heck out of me. Bad grammar, truncated spelling (and before twitter, even!), and the whole concept of corporation…. Nope. Just looks like a wonderful meal in the making to me, no corporation involved. Well, except possibly the one that made the pan, and possibly the brats.


    • Different things bother different people. What annoys me is when some business, perhaps an antique store, names themselves “Ye Olde Thyme Shoppe”. Ugh, it makes me cringe just to type it.


  3. Looks good! Ma Ingalls would be proud!


  4. Posted by Uma on July 9, 2012 at 11:24 am

    That look’s delicious! 😀 Nice blog..


  5. How big is that pan, anyway?

    And yes, Olde Shoppes are cringewirthy


    • It’s an ordinary everyday 12 inch skillet (but I didn’t actually measure it). It’s a lot smaller than our BIG skillet. I don’t think our big skillet would fit on that little charcoal grill.


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