Tiny Mini Cabbage Heads

A couple weeks ago I harvested one of my heads of cabbage for a coleslaw recipe my wife was making.  Actually, I harvested two, but this post only has picture of the purple one.

Anyway, what you are seeing above, and you might have to look closely at the full sized version, is a group of 5 cabbage sprouts that have regrown on the cut stalk after I harvested the main head.

I am going to leave these for a couple more weeks just to see what they turn into.  Maybe they’ll be like brussels sprouts by the time I pick them.  Maybe they’ll be worthless, but it’s fun to try.


4 responses to this post.

  1. They will be wonderful. I discovered that bok choy does the same sort of thing. There was one mini variety that I could keep producing all summer.

    I plant a variety of broccoli called green sprouting calabrese that makes a nice sized main head, not huge. But then it produces lots and lots of side sprouts, some of which make heads almost as big as the main heads. Those I also am able to pick all summer as long as I keep the row cover on them.


  2. Celery does the same thing. You can actually grow celery from the bottom of a bunch you buy at the market. Put in a dish of water for 24 hours then plant. Cut stalks as they grow.
    I believe you can also do this with some green onions, but not sure.


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