Upside Down Garlic

Last fall I apparently planted one of my cloves of garlic upside down.  With a great amount of effort, it grew anyway.  I salute it’s resolve.


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  1. I had a couple of those myself. They did the exact same thing. Now, that is resiliency.


  2. I did that with a bunch of flower bulbs one time; unfortunately it resulted in their death rather than resilience. Garlic is an amazing force of nature.


  3. Interesting, I wonder if you could get garlic to grow upside down in a modified window pot? I am sure it would look odd, but I am finding that veggies just grow better and yeild more fruit upside down. Going to have to think this one over.


    • My instinct says that no matter what, the greens would grow UP, but then again I would have expected the same from a tomato, so please try it.


      • I am actually finding that my tomato experiment with the topsy turvy pot is yeilding better results than my irrigation system at the moment. Maybe this is because I used a raw egg for fertilizer, but considering I tried this on my pepper plant as well, and it is not showing good results, I haven’t determined just yet if the upside down method is good for all veggies or not. Hmm….perhapse this IS worth looking into.


  4. Posted by Leilani on June 27, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Ha! Way to go, determined garlic. Nature is amazing!


  5. never doubt the resolve of any living thing. It will find a way up around and over. I am amazed to see grass trying to grow between the crack in a sidewalk in New York City. Life is finding a way!. Love this blog


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