Giant Syrian Green Tomatoes Mid-June 2012

Giant Syrian is another potato-leafed tomato plant variety that I am growing this year.  It is billed in seed catalogs as being capable of producing 1 pound fruits.  In my experience, the first tomato to set on a given plant is usually the biggest one.  If you want to maximize the size of that first fruit, you have to pick off all the other ones that come after it.

I’m not trying to break any records, so I’m leaving all the fruit on the plant.  I would rather get a whole bunch of 6 or 8 ounce tomatoes than to just have one really impressive specimen.

The plant is growing very well and the fruit shows no sign of turning color yet. That’s fine by me, just keep growing!  The best part…so far, NO DISEASE, NO BLIGHT!


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  1. Your tomatoes are looking good! we are just seeing the first tomato flowers here in UK


  2. I like the look of those tomatoes and not showing signs of disease is very nice. I may have to try them in the Houston heat and humidity this year. We have picked probably 20+ plus pounds of slicing tomatoes and buckets of cherry tomatoes. In a few weeks I will add a couple of plants for a fall harvest. The heat and humidity is taking a toll on some of the plants now. Where did you purchase the Giant Syrian?


  3. Posted by thebeadden on June 21, 2012 at 3:31 pm

    Looking good!


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