Japan Invades my Back Yard

They sent beetles.

Japanese Beetle on an Apple Leaf

Japanese Beetles on my Yellow Delicious Apple Tree

Japanese Beetle on a Cherry Leaf

The Japanese Beetles showed up after all.  These unwelcome pests will do their best to completely strip leaves down to their framework of veins. I know first-hand that they love apple and cherry trees, grape leaves, sweet potato leaves, corn silk, beans and more. They are an evil scourge and the only way (acceptable to me) to get rid of them seems to be picking them off by hand.

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  1. Try using milky spore bacteria to treat the soil – should work for two to three years. Hand picking is your next best option.


    • I saw a container of milky spore that was big enough to treat my back yard at a local business this year. It was the same business where I finally found my potash fertilizer.

      Unfortunately the milky spore was priced at $115. That amount is right around the total that I’ve spent on the entire garden each year that I have had it.

      I considered it, but ultimately I could not bring myself to spend that much.


  2. Posted by thebeadden on June 10, 2012 at 12:32 pm

    Oh no! They are a real problem here too! There are road signs with warnings on them about not growing certain trees because of them.


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