Mrs. Jimmy helping squish cabbage worms

I have had white butterflies (moths) flying around my cabbage a bit too much this spring, so I knew it was time to hunt down their eggs and offspring on the brassica crops.  I have 15 cabbages and 4 brussels sprouts growing.  My wife helped out:

Ain't she cute?

So far the damage was concentrated on the lower-most leaves, but we found as many as 8 little worms on each 6-10 inch plant.  We’ll have to do this several more times over the next week or two.


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  1. Those bugs can be annoying; I remember having to track them down last year.

    Our cabbage is coming along nicely. I was planning on gardening this morning, and snapping a few gardening photos. But, it looks as though that’ll be put on hold. It’s pouring down rain in my part of Maryland.


  2. check this website out, it is so cool and thought you would love.!/homesteading


  3. You have to squish them by hand? Oh my. Not sure I’m cut out for this farming thing.


  4. Maybe next time you could plant other things in between the cabbages, like marigolds and onions. The smell confuses the bugs. The more you interplant, the less likely you will be to have bugs! Great garden though!


  5. Hello from a somewhat random blogger. That’s a -lovely- little garden you have! That’s all. 🙂


    • Thank you for stopping Angela! Come back again soon. I appreciate the compliment! The garden does have a few weeks of looking nice before the weeds completely take over!


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