Inflation in a photo

Pictured here is inflation.  On the left, this year’s $19.99 charcoal grill.  On the right, last year’s $19.99 charcoal grill.

Not pictured is the grill I bought in 2009 for the same price at the same store…it was bigger and nicer than the red one. (It had thicker metal, nicer legs, and a shelf type grilling rack.)

Go back 6 or 7 years and for $19.99 I bought a charcoal grill with a little wooden table on the front.

The stores are attempting to trick us into believing that prices aren’t rising rapidly by keeping the same price-points available.  It’s happening slowly, over time, that the product is becoming inferior to it’s past self.


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  1. I share your feeling. It is much worse over here. I had also raised some issues about inflation on my post a few weeks earlier.


  2. Looks like next year’s $19.99 grill will be the size of a tailgating grill!


  3. Just compare food and drink packages over the last couple of years. Things are coming in smaller packages and people on the whole aren’t even noticing.


  4. Posted by thebeadden on May 11, 2012 at 10:37 am

    I don’t buy many canned products, but I noticed they are really skimping in that department too. It’s getting harder to open them the metal is so thin! This topic could go on forever. 😉 Great post.


    • I bought a variety of beer last weekend and got 6 bottles containing 11.2 ounces each for the price of the 12 ounce size. Yep, it’s happening all over. That’s about half a bottle less in the pack.


      • Posted by thebeadden on May 11, 2012 at 10:57 am

        Two summers ago I went to the store for a bag of potatoes. I know how much they weigh and was used to that. My arm and bag went flying upwards. At first I thought, my how strong am I? Then noticed it was a seven pound bag instead of ten. Same price. They are back to 10 lb bags but I get mine from a farmer now.


        • The best thing is how the manufacturers are trying to confuse us into paying more by making novel arrangements of their products so we can’t do the math in our head.

          Is $7.88 a good price for seventeen 9.5 ounce cans? Uhhhhhhh………


  5. […] picture isn’t the same one shown a few pictures above.  It’s very similar, but was made with thinner metal, flimsier legs and no extra cooking shelf inside. Rate this: Share this:PinterestFacebookEmailPrintLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]


  6. That makes me nauseous. So true and so frustrating. I love seeing it with the comparison you have done. Well done.


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