Pea tendrils holding onto the trellis

My peas have gradually found the trellises and begun climbing them.  I was expecting to pick peas on May 15th, so we’ll see if that dream comes true.

Sugar Snap Peas on trellis

Sugar snap pea tendrils holding the trellis

I really wish I knew how peas can do this


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  1. Beautiful! My peas are climbing too, hope it stays cool enough for them to make peas. I have a few blossoms.

    Your tendril photographs are beautiful. I just love to watch that sort of action: pole beans and cucumbers are wonderful too.


    • This is my best year for pea vines ever, thanks to the very early spring. But I have no idea if they’ll flower or produce pods for me. We’re scheduled for a very warm week ahead.


  2. I’m glad to hear someone’s peas are doing well. We’ve never had much luck growing them here. BTW: Great photographs!


    • I usually try peas but I don’t even know why. I get at most a small salad bowl full of pods. I’m quite hopeful for a few more than that this year with our amazingly early spring.


  3. We’re supposedly going to get frost tonight. Sigh…. it’s a good thing we have lots of tarps to cover things with. Spring is still about two weeks out for us.


  4. Posted by Gena Thorson on May 3, 2012 at 12:21 am

    These pea tendrils are simply beautiful. I love these photos. Spring is actually quite early for those of us who live on the west coast this year.


    • Thank you! This 8 year old camera is still doing very well for me. I honestly don’t think a person can take handheld shots (without tripod) at much higher than 2 or 3 megapixels without blurring the image at the highest magnification.


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