Wasted Thyme

I did a massive pruning in the herb bed tonight and found that I had far more thyme than I had previously thought.

On a potentially related note, I haven’t smoked for 8 days now, and it feels great.


6 responses to this post.

  1. Congrats- you’re past the hardest part now! You can do it!
    I visited the nursery today and just bought some new thyme, mine didn’t make it through the winter. Yours must be really healthy!


    • Thank you! My mind is still playing tricks on me, but hopefully the quit will last!

      I planted this thyme from seed in 2010 and it has overwintered nicely. It grows in an approximately 2 sq. ft. area, but had overgrown the box in each direction until it was about 3 x 5. I trimmed it back to 1 x 2 today and had probably two pounds of extra.


  2. Yay:):):) Your lungs are 8 days healthier!


  3. wAIT A MINUTE… How did I not know this??? I remember reading your original post…


  4. Congrats on all that beautiful thyme and C O N G R A T S for taking the thyme to quite smoking!


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