Frost warning!


I just got done covering up the cherry trees, several branches of the apple tree, 3 strawberry beds, and the fruit vines with sheets, tarps and blankets.  It hasn’t been this cold (forecast currently 36 F) for almost 6 weeks.  My cherry and apple are done flowering already and have set green fruit.  My vines have not yet flowered, but they have budded.  The sunniest strawberry bed is covered in white flowers tonight and the two others are budding.


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  1. Heck it was 24 here last night. It’s still way to cold here. We usually get our last frost around the end of may. Zone 7B


    • 7B! I’m surprised you get frost so late. I’m zone 5B but my average last frost date is April 14. I have had frost in the garden as late as May 4th in the last few years. This year was different, with spring starting on Groundhog day. The cherry trees flowered and have set little green fruit already. We’re far ahead of schedule.


  2. Posted by thelinencat on April 6, 2012 at 11:32 am

    Good luck. I think you are having very similar weather to us, we left Kent (South England) in sunshine and arrived in Yorkshire for a short break (North England) to snow and gales!! I am also quite worried about our fruit blossom as I didn’t have time to cover it before the cold weather hit so fingers crossed I get some fruit this year.


  3. Ha. I love Hyperbole and a Half! 🙂


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