Moving tomatoes

2 x 2 foot raised garden bed

My tomatoes have been getting blight (I believe it’s septoria leaf spot) earlier and earlier each year.  I decided that I need to move them completely out of my main garden area this year.

I built these four 2 foot by 2 foot raised “bed” boxes up by my back porch.  They’ll get great sun and they’ll be in new dirt that shouldn’t already be innoculated with whatever blights my other soil is carrying.

The tomatoes will grow up these uprights and shade our picnic table. I’ll just tie them up as they grow.  Tomatoes need at least 4 square feet when placed next to each other in a raised bed garden.  But since these will have lots of airspace all around them, I’m planning on planting each of these boxes with 1 tomato and 2 basil.

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  1. One of the things that is very important in tomato culture is to make sure that when you water you do not get the leaves wet, or splash dirt up onto them while watering. This is a sure way to infect them with whatever fungus is in the soil. If you are watering by hand, once you plant the tomatoes you should put about two to three inches of mulch around them. I use straw, either right off the bale or run through the grinder. Try to get clean straw (don’t use hay, you will HATE the weeds that come with it). Even clean straw has some grain seeds, I use wheat straw and find that I have to weed out the wheat but it is easy to pull. Anyway, the mulch covering the dirt will keep your tomatoes from getting dirt/water splashed on them while watering.

    Also, make sure that your tomatoes have enough potassium and magnesium. Deficiencies in those minerals will make them more susceptible to fungi.

    Good luck!

    • I will do all my tomato watering at root level this year, and I’ll take your advice about mulching around them. It should be easy enough to do in these containers. What is your opinion about mulching with fresh green lawn clippings?

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