View from the bottom of the garden

This is my urban back yard, as viewed from the back fence looking towards the house.  See if you can spot:

  • Two sparse beds of strawberries trying to re-establish themselves
  • The curly water hose that I used to wet the fast compost pile
  • My cold frame, which has seemed unnecessary this year as we stopped getting freezing temps 6 weeks early
  • The row of peas that will grow up the barn-red tree house trellis
  • My messy back porch that I will tackle as soon as I get the garage cleaned up this weekend.

The yard slopes down to the south, with a creek beyond my back fence.  Most of the garden is between 4 and 8 feet below the level of the house, so I would have great water pressure if I set up rain barrels. They’re just so expensive!  I need to make DIY rain barrels!


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  1. I sense a project coming up… keep us posted. 😀


  2. I recognize the strawberries. I have the same small sweet ones. You are ahead of us. We still had a frost warning. Veggies are big in the basement!


    • I found a couple flowers in one of my “June-bearing” strawberry patches today! I’ve been doing so much early season stuff outside that I’m very much neglecting the seedings in the basement!


  3. Posted by Ashley on April 8, 2012 at 5:04 pm

    Here’s an idea for a DIY rain barrel. Contact a car wash facility and see if you can have (or purchase for $15 like I did) a large 55 gallon drum. They seemed confused when I called, but less confused once we were face to face. These drums contain either soaps and chemicals…I chose the soap barrel thinking any residue I missed while cleaning wouldn’t hurt as much as a chemical. Then simply purchase the hardware to set up a hose and collect water. I painted mine with a spray paint designed for plastics so that it didn’t look like clutter in the back yard. Then I googled rain barrels to decide exactly how I wanted to install the hardware. I also used the same type of drum to make a rotating compost bin.


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