How to make fast compost?

Last week I read an article on how to–supposedly–make compost in 14 days without constantly turning and aerating the pile.

Look closely at the picture above.  There are at least 4 pieces of PVC pipe showing their ends in that photo.  There are others sticking in from all sides.  Each of the pipes has been drilled with multiple holes that will supposedly allow air to flow into the compost pile, keeping it alive and active to decompose mostly on it’s own in as short as two weeks.

The 160 degree temperature was achieved about 72 hours after the pile was put together.  So far, so good!  I could use the compost in several areas of the garden.


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  1. That is a fast start!


    • Day 7 update! This pile was still steaming at the top, but had cooled down some, maybe 120-130 degrees F. I dug down under the hot layer and found a cool dry part that hadn’t been mixed well. I rearranged the PVC pipes and directed a bunch of water down into the cool part and also generally stirred things up a bit. We’ll see what happens in a few more days. I expect to hit 160 again.

      Overall, the pile has only lost about 1/3 of it’s original size from last Sunday to today.


    • Day 8 update. The pile had already started to warm up in that lower layer that I moistened yesterday, but I sort of had to reset the clock on this whole experiment.

      We have a hedge row of tall evergreens that surround our back yard and act as a living fence so we don’t have to see the creek and street beyond. This winter we lost 3 of them, and one of them is located right in a place where it is/WAS hiding the view of my other compost pile from the neighbors with a very nice lawn.

      These neighbors pride themselves on the way their lawn looks and I just could not cut down this dead 20 foot tall evergreen and leave them looking straight at my junky cheap wire fenced compost pile

      What I’m getting around to is that today I moved the contents of the “other,” cold compost pile onto the one I have been trying to cook up for the last week. I now have ONE much bigger compost pile, and we shall see if the drilled PVC pipes aerate it enough to make it into new dirt faster than normal.

      I might end up making this comment into it’s own post. Stay tuned.


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