Beets and carrot seeds planted

The bed shown here got worked on last weekend.  I dug it over as deep as I could with my garden spade, then moved the dirt aside and tried to get most of it dug twice as deep as that.  I was helped along in my cultivation by the tree and bush roots I had to keep tearing out, some a half inch wide and running the length of the bed.

This is a 8 foot by 6 foot bed, with the center 2 feet raised an additional 6 inches.  I put three rows of carrot seeds up top there.  The two bottom sections both got three rows of beet seeds planted in them.  I have NEVER been successful at growing a beet in my garden, but I have high hopes that I’m somehow doing something different this year.


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  1. ok jimmy beets….I am giving you one of my favorite recipes with goat cheese and beets. look for it on my blog


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