I try to keep my backyard garden organic. Unfortunately, sometimes the old way of doing something is so far forgotten that I don’t even have a source for finding what I need locally. Or when – do have a source, it’s either crazy expensive or not convenient for use in town. For example, I have at least 3 friends who could give me animal manure, but I’m betting that wouldn’t be easy to haul here without a truck and could smell pretty bad for a day or two when I turn the pile.

So I found these 25 pound bags available for sale online for a reasonable price and free shipping! Hooray free shipping! These will cover the ‘N’ and ‘P’ deficiencies in my garden, and I still need a solution to increase my ‘K’.


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  1. Posted by Healingmagichands on March 14, 2012 at 8:15 am

    Hooray Internet! The other problem with animal manure is the weed seed problem. Unless it is from chickens or rabbits, even composted manure will inoculate your garden with all kinds of unwanted plants. I am still fighting pigweed and smartweed that arrived courtesy of a dairy farm near here.


    • My compost has so many seeds it’s usually like I purposefully planted a cover crop among my veggies. I need to be more careful about checking the cooking temperature in my pile.


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