My yearly winter duty

I have just spent the last two weeks completing my yearly duty…

My wife asks that I paint a room or two in the house with a fresh coat of color before I start my seeds for a new year of gardening.

I hate painting.


One response to this post.

  1. My wife told me last night after I posted this that I ought to explain why it took so long to finish a job that sounds so small.

    My “painting” project this year included: prime and paint a bedroom with two wall colors and paint all the trim white, remove our bedroom door frame and completely rebuild it from scratch while installing a new door, replace 5 other doors in the hallway outside the bedroom and paint both sides of all of them, mortise the hinges on 5 new doors as well as the new door frame, cut in doorknob holes and strike plate holes and paint over all the exposed wood, prime and paint a bathroom and then put it back together, replace or repair some of the other bedroom and hallway trim, and run to the store 99 times. All while trying to complete a pinewood derby car and work all week and do my share to help keep the house in order.


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