Fall Garden Finally Planted – 2011

I finally got the little seedlings planted out in my fall / winter hoop house garden bed. Of course we are still far behind on the rain schedule, so I have been watering these little tiny plants at least once a day.  Hopefully these will take root and grow well, allowing us to have spinach, lettuce, kale and more right up through Christmas.


6 responses to this post.

  1. you sure are meticulous about your work. Everything you do is neat and squared away. I try very hard to keep my place looking well ordered. It gets harder as you get older, especially after your captive labor force grows up and moves away.


    • Thanks, but I don’t agree. If it seems that way, you must just be seeing the aggregate image that I end up portraying online by the unconscious decisions I make about what to photograph and what not to; what to talk about (mostly successes) and what not to talk about (the other 50%).


  2. I like what Arsenius said. ^^


  3. Hey, time for a new post! Otherwise I’ll get to thinking you croaked. 🙂


    • In the words of Richard Pryor, “I’m Not Dead YET…” 😀

      There is very little to post about currently, but I’ll have to get an update thrown together. Lots on my mind, lots on my mind, but my wife reads the blog and comments so not much to say about it. 😀


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