Saving Chili Seeds

Drying chili and tabasco peppers really could not be easier. Thread them on a string and hang them up to dry. Break off the dried peppers as needed for seed planting or to crush into a powder to spice up cooking.

I’m sure you already knew that you can’t save seeds from green peppers? The green ones are immature and haven’t ripened their seeds yet.


2 responses to this post.

  1. I didn’t know that. A guy gave me a big bag of peppers here recently. He’s a Viet Nam vet with some social issues, so he lives way the hell up in the forest and never comes out. I pick a few things up for him now and then, and he gives me some vegetables he grows. But I just ate all the peppers, never thought about getting any seeds.


  2. Another thing about saving pepper seeds is that if you didn’t grow them yourself, you should probably consider them cross-pollinated. Peppers are easy to cross and it will happen in the garden any time you have two kids of pepper flowers open on the same morning.


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