Cast Iron one-egg skillet

One of the first cast iron skillets I ever owned was this tiny skillet that I use to cook single eggs.

Amusingly, this skillet was actually being sold to be used as an ashtray.  Hence the little pouring spouts on the sides are actually cigarette rests. It works perfectly for my needs though:

Round egg for a round sandwich, perfectly cooked and perfectly released every time.

A seasoned, preheated skillet will easily fry an egg leaving nothing stuck behind. After this pan cooled a bit I wiped it out with a damp towel, spreading a bit of the leftover oil all over it and then put it back away for next time.

I haven’t ever mentioned this here before, but if I had to choose to eat ONE FOOD and only that one thing for the rest of my life, it would be eggs.


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  1. My wife and I are always on the look out for cast iron cooking gear. If we can’t use it, because we already have enough, we pick it up cheap for gifts. Sometimes we get it at the flea market and just keep it in the store room for future need.


  2. I like the gift idea. A couple of the pieces I have right now were given to me as a gift and I took them as a personal recommendation from the giver.


  3. How cool is that! I saw this tiny skillet at Academy a few days ago and it was advertised as an ashtray and I kept wondering if it could be used for cooking since it was with the cooking stuff. I don’t know much about cooking but I like that it leaves no cleanup after making breakfast, I have an single egg pan but it’s not perfect. I might give this a shot. Thanks for sharing.


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