Peaches Canned!

Every year for the last few years we have canned a bushel of peaches. We live within a day’s drive of Calhoun County Missouri, and many roadside vendors sell them throughout the area.

I canned this year’s bushel with a light sugar syrup and used a hot pack/water bath.



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  1. Posted by Rachel on September 10, 2011 at 8:47 pm

    Looks beautiful – Summer in a jar! I may be buying some peaches tomorrow – and now I’m inspired to can them up.


    • They really are delicious and better than anything canned that you can buy from the store, even in glass jars. We understand that we’re compromising a bit by using peaches from trees that were sprayed for pests and probably used commercial fertilizer, but so are all the ones at the grocery store. At least we get to control what goes into the jar after they are grown.

      I got 22 quarts from two boxes of fruit, and that was after eating 3 or 4 and throwing away another 5 or 6 that went bad.


  2. That really looks good. It must be very satisfying to know you did that yourself, and that you can preserve food in a similar fashion any time you want to. I’ve gotten distracted here lately with all the repair work getting ready for winter, but I haven’t forgotten that canning is on my list of things to become proficient at.


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